Ozobot Evo Classroom kit (18 bots)

Complete Ozobot Evo kit for the entire class.


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A complete programming kit

The Ozobot STEAM program presents an innovative and fun way to learn topics like programming, science and math in the classroom or just at home. Many children are inspired and enthusiastic about this thanks to Ozobot.

Designed to support an entire class, collected in one handy box.

  • The kit consists of 18 Ozobot Evo’s and all essential supplies and learning materials.
  • Specially designed to learn from and to inspire the new generation of scientists, engineers and inventors.
  • Supporting apps, lessons and a flexible programming environment make it easy to integrate the Ozobot in the classroom.

The social robot

The Ozobot Evo robot combines educational gaming with programming, robotics and global social interaction. Ozobot thus provides all educational aspects in a playful way of learning for children.

The variety of functions that Ozobot Evo has to offer are easy to learn but difficult to actually master. This makes the Evo enormously challenging! Simply connect the robot by means of Bluetooth and start the adventure from the Ozobot app.
In the free Ozobot Evo app for Android or iOS you will constantly find new challenges to complete in order to constantly improve your programming and robot skills. With this you will unlock new challenges, sounds and personalizations.


The small advanced robot is equipped with 2 types of sensors; color sensors to follow lines and read color codes + multiple infrared sensors around the robot to avoid obstacles.

You can control your Ozobot Evo in different ways:

  • Let your Ozobot autonomously explore its world
  • Control the robot via your smartphone or tablet by using. Bluetooth
  • Program the Ozobot with lines + color codes and then get started with the Ozoblockly programming tool

What’s in the box

  • 18x Ozobot Evo
  • 18x Transparent “Do it yourself” skins
  • 3x Multi port USB charger
  • 12x Ozobot set of sifts
  • 12x Ozobot code sheets
  • 1x Teacher’s guide
  • 1x sheet with tips
  • 1x OzoBlocky start up sheet
  • 1x Log sheet
  • 20x Ozobot certificate
  • 1x Ozobot storage box
  • 1x Classroom kit storage box
  • 1x Ozobot driving lesson challenge
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