Ozobot Puzzle Pack (96 pieces)

Program the Ozobot via puzzle pieces.


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A new way of programming

Wooden puzzle set which contains no less than 96 puzzle pieces. The puzzle offers a fun and easy way to discover the world of programming. Create complicated routes and challenges that the Ozobot must overcome. This wooden puzzle set teaches children the basics of programming in a fun, educational way, while further developing active, creative and logical thinking.

The puzzle pieces enrich the possibilities of the Ozobot and can be used both offline and online via the free Ozoblockly. The nice thing about this puzzle set is that it can be used both independently and in class.

Children learn the basics of programming in a fun, exciting and challenging way. In addition, active and logical thinking is developing and there is sufficient room for creativity. The puzzle set contains 96 wooden puzzle pieces that all offer different functions including straight lines, curves, breaks, turns, etc. The puzzle pieces contain English text. The Ozobot Puzzle Pack is suitable for children 5 years and older.

What’s in the box

96 pieces with the following commands:

  • 2x start
  • 2x end of route (game over)
  • 4x command slow (slow)
  • 4x command turbo (turbo)
  • 2x tornado / rotate command (tornado / rotation)
  • 4x command 3 seconds pause (pause 3 seconds)
  • 6x command go straight (go straight)
  • 6x command go left (go left)
  • 6x command go right (go right)
  • Flip 4x command (return)
  • 24x black straight line
  • 12x turns
  • 6x intersections
  • 6x t-junction
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