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"Passionately selected products at competitive prices"

Nordväl wants to make your life more innovative, convenient and fun. This is done through a wide range of products, which have been selected with care and passion for, among with other things, functionality and quality.

We are passionate about smart technology, just like you. Our team’s goal is to be your most curious friend that constantly looks for innovative but affordable devices that will enrich your life.

This is what we like. That is what makes us happy.

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Discover the world of safety and peace of mind with Nordval's advanced dashcams. Our compact and powerful dashcams provide razor-sharp image quality and reliable recording. Nordval dashcams are the ideal companion for any driver who likes to stay in control.


Let Nordval's smart home appliances do the hard work for you. With ease of use and efficiency as priorities, Nordval devices turn your daily tasks into effortless pleasures.

Smart home

Connected and secured, the Nordval video doorbell provides peace of mind at the touch of a button. Receive notifications, view live images and communicate with visitors, all via your smartphone. Nordval video doorbell, for a smarter and safer entrance.


Style meets intelligence with Nordval smartwatches. These advanced wearables combine fashionable designs with smart features, allowing you to track your health, receive messages and manage your day more efficiently. Nordval smartwatches keep you connected and in control, wherever you are.

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