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Advanced Modular Robot

ClicBot is a modular robot, which means it can be built and rebuilt in many ways with different modules and combinations! With the Brain, Joints, Skeleton, or many other modular pieces, you can easily build a ClicBot that is just one of thousands of different setups. What type of robot you build is completely up to you!

Learn to code with ClicBot and understand how robotics work through fun and interactive features that allow you to create what YOU want.

Create your own world with powerful modules, such as the Wall Climbing Suction Cup! Modules help you to create more than just interesting designs, but also explore the world of robotics through innovative thinking and imagination.

From starter to pro!

ClicBot is an advanced intelligent coding robot, with built-in functions for education and entertainment. Clicbot can see, feel, hear, think and communicate. Together with you, he will lift STEM education to a higher, more fun and more interesting level.

Clicbot is very accessible and offers something for everyone. Thanks to the enormous possibilities, you will never stop learning. Clicbot is suitable for children aged 8 and older.

Learn to program

ClicBot is fully programmable with an accessible drag-and-drop programming interface, based on Blockly by Google, suitable for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the many sensors you can make Clicbot do almost anything!

More than just a robot

Clicbot is a robot for everyone that playfully stimulates creative expression and programming knowledge.
It is an intelligent robot specially designed for children and adults with various built-in functions for STEAM learning and entertainment. There are many user-friendly programmable tools through the Clicbot app.

In addition, you can get design ideas and inspiration, and you have the opportunity to share your own design with others from the Clicbot Academy.
Worldwide users are able to challenge each other to take their creative ability and programming knowledge to a higher level.


No programming knowledge? No problem.

ClicBot starts out simple and playful. Build your first robot simply by clicking parts together and following the instructions via the app. The app takes you step-by-step, no prior knowledge is necessary. This means that students do not have to have the same level of knowledge. This makes Clicbot easy to use at all levels.

Smartphones and tablets open up access to tons of features

Clicbot’s real power will show as soon as you connect a smartphone to the robot via the Clicbot app.
Dozens of cool pre-sets are available via the Clicbot Playground, so that you can start immediately. The app follows your robot live, so every component that you click or detach is shown live on your screen. This way you receive visual building instructions on your screen and you no longer have to search your current building step.
The app will recognize when you are using a wrong part and will indicate the error on your screen. Building a robot has never been so easy and fun!

The different kits

Starter Kit

The starter kit comes with all the parts you need to guarantee a smooth start, as well as extensive building options.

This set consists of:
1 brain, 1 skeleton, 4 joints, 1 attachment + 10 attachment stickers, 1 holder, 2 wheels, 2 locker safety plates, and a charging cable.

Standard Kit

The standard kit comes with even more different parts. This set offers more building and programming options.

This set consists of:
1 brain, 3 skeletons, 6 joints, 1 attachment + 10 attachment stickers, 2 suction cups, 1 holder, 2 wheels, 4 smart feet, 4 locker safety plates, and a charging cable.

Full Kit

The full kit is a very extensive kit.

This set consists of:
1 brain, 5 skeletons, 8 joints, 1 attachment + 10 attachment stickers, 2 suction cups, 1 gripper, 2 distance sensors, 1 holder, 4 wheels, 4 smart feet, 6 locker safety plates, and a charging cable.

Maker Kit

This is the ultimate Clicbot kit, created for the true makers.

This set consists of:
1 brain, 9 skeletons, 17 joints, 1 attachment + 10 attachment stickers, 2 suction cups, 1 gripper, 2 distance sensors, 2 holders, 6 wheels, 4 smart feet, 10 locker safety plates, and a charging cable